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Otrobanda is a vibrant neighborhood with a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural activities. It has a diverse population and is a hub of Curaçaoan music, dance, and cuisine. The neighborhood also offers visitors a chance to experience the island's rich cultural heritage and unique way of life.


Be where the action is. Witness 10,500 athletes from around the world compete in 306 medal events. Celebrate the wins and cheer your nation on. When it comes to The Games, you’ll want to be there. Check the official Games website for updates on events and locations. Notable dining options in Otrobanda include the historic and atmospheric Gouverneur de Rouville, serving French-inspired cuisine, and the trendy and modern Kura Hulanda, the resort offers a range of dining options, each with its unique atmosphere and menu.


Otrobanda is a bustling neighborhood in Willemstad, Curaçao, known for its vibrant streets and local markets. Visitors can find a variety of shopping options in the area, ranging from small souvenir shops to larger department stores. One of the most popular shopping destinations in Otrobanda is the Renaissance Mall, which features over 50 stores and restaurants, including international brands such as Gucci and Cartier. The mall is located within the Renaissance Hotel and offers a luxury shopping experience. For a more local shopping experience, visitors can explore the colorful streets of Otrobanda.

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