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Welcome to M-A Stay, where elegance and personal meaning intertwine. Our name holds a story that we are delighted to share with you. As we embarked on the journey of naming our apartments, we contemplated various options, one of which was the renowned Emma Bridge.


However, we sought to infuse a touch of sophistication into our identity. With this aspiration in mind, we arrived at the initials "M-A-"—a representation of grace and refinement. Not only does it exude a sense of elegance, but it also carries a modern twist. "M-A-" can be interpreted as "I am staying at..." in a contemporary context, capturing the essence of our establishment.


Furthermore, destiny serendipitously revealed another layer of significance. These initials, M-A, bear a personal connection to our hearts. They are the very same initials that pay tribute to my late father, Martis Alexander. It is an honor to immortalize his memory within the fabric of our establishment.


At M-A Stay, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience that blends sophistication, modernity, and a touch of sentiment. Join us on this enchanting journey and allow us to create lasting memories during your stay with us.

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